Afterpay Office Furniture

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Epic Office Furniture is proud to be partnering with Afterpay to offer Aussie business owners and individuals another payment option for their office furniture requirements – Afterpay office furniture!

At Epic Office Furniture, we understand that getting your business set up and making money can be a chicken and egg situation – if you’re a small business, growing business, or looking to put together a home office, you may need to get your hands on office furniture before you have payment running into your account. That’s why Epic Office Furniture is providing you with the Office Furniture Afterpay option. You can shop a wide range of Office Chairs, Office Desks, Office Workstations, and Office Storage – to name a few!

Buy it today and pay on your terms with Afterpay Australia!

Which Categories and Ranges Are Included in Afterpay Office Furniture?

All of them, of course! We don’t pick and choose a few categories or brands that are eligible for Afterpay Office Furniture – we believe that you should have the choice to shop our entire store on your terms! Epic Office Furniture Australia stocks an ever-growing range of office furniture and office equipment to suit the small, medium, and large office spaces. Whether you’re looking Afterpay home office equipment, or you would like to arrange a large office fit-out that you can pay off on your own terms, Afterpay Office Furniture allows you to do just that.

Some of our most popular categories that our customers choose to purchase through Afterpay include:

Some of our most popular ranges that our customers choose to purchase through Afterpay include:

…. To name a few!

Shop Popular Products

  • Cascade Mesh Office Chair
    Cascade Mesh Chair
    Product on sale
  • Rapid Worker Straight Desk
    Rapid Worker Straight Desk
    From $132.00
  • RWCWS1818 B_I (2)
    Rapid Worker Corner Workstation
    From $349.00
  • Signature Steel
    Signature Steel Mobile Pedestal
    Product on sale
  • Epic Span Single
    Rapid Span Straight Desk
    From $259.00
  • Freestanding Acoustic Partition
    Freestanding Acoustic Partition Screen
    From $289.00
  • Rapid Span Corner Workstation White, Span Leg Silver RSCWS18187 SW
    Rapid Span Corner Workstation
    From $419.00
  • Rapid Span 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal
    Rapid Span 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal
  • Epic Worker 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal Beech
    Rapid Worker Mobile Pedestal
  • Zola Stackable Visitors Chair
    Zola Stackable Visitors Chair
  • Luminous Mesh Office Chair Grey and White Ergonomic
    Luminous Mesh Office Chair
  • Nova Black Visitor Chair
    Nova Stackable Visitors Chair
    Product on sale

How Can I Buy Office Furniture with Afterpay?

Want to show an extensive range of office furniture with Epic Office furniture, but not sure how it works? Afterpay allows you to purchase your office furniture over a period 8-weeks commencing from the day that you make your online order. There are no fees and no interest when you purchase office furniture with Afterpay and meet your repayment schedule over the course of eight weeks. Payment will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card over four equal repayments each fortnight.

Want to know the best part about buying office furniture with Afterpay? Unlike traditional layby, you don’t have to wait for your final payment to get your goods delivered to your door. Afterpay allows users to order the product and have it shipped the moment they are approved for Afterpay online. To qualify for Afterpay Office Furniture with Epic Office Furniture, you need to meet the following criteria: 

  1. Have a debit card or credit card that is Visa or Mastercard (AMEX is not accepted for Afterpay)
  2. Live in Australia
  3. Be over 18 years of age

When shopping for office furniture with Afterpay and Epic Office, you’ll be able to see if your purchase is eligible for Afterpay because it will appear as a payment option when you are processing your payment through our secure online gateway. Follow the following steps to make your Afterpay payments along the way:

  1. Split your purchase into 4 instalments: You’ll pay your first instalment at the time of purchase, and the remainder every fortnight.
  2. No fees when you pay on time: With interest-free instalments, the only fees are for late payments. You can find your payment schedule in the Afterpay app, and we’ll send you regular reminders.
  3. Enjoy instant approval decision: You’ll know you’ve been approved within seconds. Orders ship as they would with any other form of payment, as quickly as you choose.

How Much Do I Pay Upfront for Afterpay Office Furniture?

The first Afterpay payment will be charged at the time that you make the purchase. When you choose to shop Office Furniture with Afterpay, you will be charged 25% of the total purchase price upfront. You will need to have your debit or credit card available at the time of your purchase to make this initial payment. For existing Afterpay customers, your first Afterpay payment will be charged 14-days from the date of your purchase. Please note that regular shipping and return charges do apply when you shop office furniture with Afterpay and Epic Office Furniture.