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Epic Office Furniture Darwin are the leading online retailers for office furniture and commercial space organisation. Whether you operate a small family-run Darwin business, or you’re directing a large commercial organisation, we’ve got the best office furniture Darwin has to offer your company’s working space. From office chairs, desks, storage components and organisational accessories, Epic Office have got everything to create the best working atmosphere for you and your employees.

The right office furniture plays a major role in how productive, forward-looking and operative an office space is. Studies have shown us time and time again that office workers benefit tremendously from a welcoming, comfortable and cooperative working environment. And, it all begins with the office furniture that you choose to fit-out your Darwin office space.

Striking the medium between advanced and affordable furniture, we’re confident that you’ll find everything you need to equip your Darwin office space at Epic Office Furniture.

Popular Products

Darwin Ergonomic Office Chairs 

If you need an easy way to nurture a more productive team, providing your office with ergonomic office chairs is the first step. The science of the ergonomic office chair improves the work-life of employees, by ensuring that they are comfortable while sitting, their posture and position is well-aligned, and their risk of developing poor health conditions from sedentary habits is reduced. 

Your employees might want more support, and an improved seat position or enjoy some new office furniture at work, if that’s the case we’ve got the perfect ergonomic office chair to meet your needs. Epic Office Furniture ships office chairs all over Darwin and the surrounding neighbourhoods with fast, reliable metropolitan delivery.

Office Chairs Darwin

Office chairs are one of the crucial elements of a functional and productive working environment. Employees sitting at their desks all day need to be flexible, supported and seated at the right height to comfortably deliver great work. At Epic Office, we provide a comprehensive selection of advanced ergonomic office chairs that are height adjustable, have ample padding and provide users with the lumbar support they require to sustain a healthy posture. If you’re after those high-quality, sleek and affordably priced office chairs Darwin showrooms just don’t stock, we’ve got your back (literally).

Selecting the right office chairs for you and your employees is a crucial step to offering an environment to positive and productive work. Where cheap office chairs are an attractive money-saving choice; in most cases, they will only prove to be uncomfortable, poor-quality and ultimately, bring down employee satisfaction. 

The right office chair provides corrected posture, increased comfort, and raises productivity levels for employees. When it comes to improving your office productivity and performance, the right office chair can decrease the amount of breaks that your employees need to take due to discomfort, as well as boosting morale and reducing tiredness and soreness. 

The office chair is a vital factor when it comes to designing a happy office workstation. Hence, it would be critical for you to find the best office manufacturer in the Darwin area. If you are searching for the most reliable office chair in Darwin, Epic Office Furniture is who you’re looking for. We stock the most comprehensive collection of office and desk chairs. All of our office chairs are built to be durable, with soft materials that provide outstanding levels of comfort. Here’s a list of our popular office chairs in Darwin:

  • Executive office chairs
  • Mesh office chair
  • Stools
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Boardroom chairs
  • Lounge chairs
  • Visitors chairs

Epic Office Furniture offer an exceptional range of the best office chairs Darwin business owners can choose from. Designed with functionality, style and comfort in mind, we are pleased that our stockroom is able to provide such a large selection at reasonable prices. What’s more, our office chairs are constructed using the highest quality materials and latest ergonomic science to guarantee they continue looking and performing exceptionally well for years down the line. 

Office Desks Darwin

If you’re looking for office furniture in Darwin, you’re going to need some office desks for your commercial space. Epic Office Furniture are pleased to offer a vast selection of the most reliable office desks Darwin has to offer. Whether you’re looking for office desks with supplementary storage, multiple-person workstations or modern and minimal office desks and tables, our online store offers a wide variety of office desks to suit every type of requirement.

The desk in your Darwin office space is where you and your colleagues spend most of your time working. It’s important to find office desks that are practical, organised, flexible and conducive to a healthy working environment. From height-adjustable desks to desktop stations and collaborative working tables, our comprehensive range offers every type of desk you could possibly need for the modern office in Darwin.

Business owners should equip staff with office desks that are large enough and comfortable if they want their employees to perform in the office. If you are looking for a versatile working station that is also practical, you will find that Epic Office Furniture in Darwin offers the largest range of options. We aim to provide the best office desks at affordable rates which has made us the number one supplier in Darwin. When shopping for Darwin office desks, check out our stock for the top picked products. We stock:

• Reception desks
• Modern workstations
• Adjustable height desks
• Corner office desks
• Conference desks
• Straight desks

Home Office Furniture Darwin

Today, more employees are able to successfully carry out their work from anywhere. This has lead to a dramatic increase in employees working from home or remotely. Working from home is an excellent way to enhance flexibility, operate from a comfortable space and minimise wasted commuting time each day. However, if you’re going to work from home, you need to invest in the best home office furniture Darwin has on offer. 

While the kitchen table may seem like a fine spot to use as an impromptu home office, sitting in the wrong furniture all day while working is not going to do your body or your mind any favours. The wrong chair, desk and laptop set up will prove to be uncomfortable, disruptive, and not to mention, provide an unappealing sight within your home. 

We’ve got the best home office equipment Darwin can offer, to keep your body comfortable, productive, and healthy while working from home. From office desks, chairs, storage units and accessories, you’ll find everything you need to deck out your home office at Epic Office Furniture Darwin. Shop our full range today to enjoy fast and reliable delivery from our warehouse, directly to your door. 

The desk that you pick will add to providing a comfortable and practical office environment when you come to furnishing your Darwin office. Most Darwin office employees spend most of their day at their desks; therefore, a suitable desk will increase productivity and functionality while working. 

The type of desk that you choose will differ depending on the type of space that you have in your office. If the office is small, a corner desk is the best space-saving and practical option. If more storage is necessary, you can buy an office desk that includes more storage and other useful features. If you’re using either a desktop computer or a laptop on your desk, you will also find office desks in Darwin that are height adjustable for the most beneficial working posture. 

Buy Office Tables Darwin Online

Whether believe it or not, tables are needed in any Darwin office. Any table in an office will add some functionality to business spaces with a wide variety of tables like conference tables, mobile tables, boardroom tables, drafting and coffee tables. 

You want to present a space where staff can come together to meet, share ideas, collaborate and leave their desks; consequently, the tables in your Darwin office are essential in providing a functional workplace. Darwin office tables have infinite different uses depending on the settings from meeting rooms to reception areas, to break rooms and even linking employee workstations. 

Here at Epic Office Darwin, we have an exceptional range of tables for every kind of business office. Whether you want something modern or more standard in style, we’ve got the right office tables for you. Choose from our wide range of: 

  • Boardroom tables
  • Cafe tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Meeting tables
  • Drafting tables
  • Mobile tables

Do you need to seat numerous employees in one communal area? Then you are probably searching for a workstation. Today they are a regular item in any modern or start-up style office space; however, workstations are now gaining popularity in the corporate world. This is because workstations are functional, adaptable and a collaborative use of space that can seat anywhere from two people, up to ten or fourteen people, depending on the room.  

Any new modern office space is designed with collaboration and creative thinking in mind. Where the traditional style office space started, open-plan office layouts comprising of workstations have taken over. While operating as a communal workspace, workstations allow for many employees to have their own desk space, while being in the same immediate area. Made to maximise collaboration, workstations have proved to increase employee productivity and versatility while working. 

Most of Darwin’s office spaces are totally unique, and here at Epic Office, we realise that. The operations, business styles and industry specifications will change from office to office and workstations offer a distinctive solution for a large variety of Darwin businesses that want employees to work collaboratively. What’s even more appealing, office accessories including desk screens, acoustic panels and desktops can still divide your workstation into separate working areas, offering employees the option of privacy. 

At Epic Office Darwin, we stock and sell: 

  • 2 person workstations 
  • 3 person workstations 
  • 4 person workstations 
  • 5 person workstations
  • 6 person workstations 
  • 8 person workstations 
  • Large office workstations 
  • Height-adjustable workstations

Shop Epic Office Furniture Darwin

The nature of your office furniture in Darwin says a lot about your business. As a business owner, be sure to invest in high-quality office furniture that is going to be long-lasting, comfortable and stylish to send the right message to your employees and visitors. Epic Office Furniture can provide you with just that, without blowing the budget. 

Our office furniture Darwin online warehouse stocks an extensive and comprehensive range of high-quality office furniture pieces to accommodate every type of office environment. Whether your commercial interior is traditional, contemporary, modern or eccentric, we’ve got office furniture to suit every taste. 

Our Darwin office furniture packages and bundle deals give you everything you need for your office to be entirely furnished. Finding coordinating items of furniture that don’t break the bank can often be stressful, Epic Office offers a great collection of furniture packages that produce stylish, flowing and functional commercial spaces in Darwin. 

Fitting an entire Darwin office space does not need to be challenging or costly. Our office furniture packages are the answer; they provide you with everything you need, including chairs, desks, storage solutions and office supplies. Our high-quality furniture bundles are well-coordinated, comfortable, and will continue to look great for years to come, giving you the most affordable option. 

We’re sure that we can get you the perfect Darwin office furniture package to meet your requirements, whether you own your own office space in Darwin or have a family run business. Our quality bundles are affordable, available online and can be shipped across Australia.

Epic Office is the leading online office furniture retailer for both Darwin and Australian customers. Our online warehouse provides access to a wide variety of workplace furniture and equipment to suit every type of business and operation. If you have any questions at all about our range, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Wherever your office is located, you can benefit from a seamless ordering and shipping process in Darwin, ensuring fast and reliable delivery to your door. With multiple warehouses scattered across the country, we’re able to provide fast and guaranteed delivery to Darwin and Australia-wide. What’s more, we can provide tailored and customised pieces to offices, wherever you’re located in Australia. For more information about shipping to Darwin, get in touch with our friendly furniture specialists today. 

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