Top 10 Reasons to use Flexi Finance


1Get access to finance
FlexiCommercial provides convenient access to secure financing arrangements with minimal paperwork.  We can help you with ongoing access to tailored vendor and equipment finance and remove the need to deal with multiple banks or brokers. 

2. Conserve cash flow
Keep your cash flowing and maintain liquidity by leasing equipment instead of paying cash.  Preserve your business line of credit with your bank for other essential business expenses such as inventory, payroll and R&D to grow your business. 

3. Plan your budget
No setup fees or ongoing charges. Budget for the fixed monthly costs of your commercial lease agreement and enjoy peace of mind.

4. Avoid depreciation
Leasing and equipment finance is an operating expense with no depreciation to account for or track.

5. Get a complete solution quickly
Bundle all your IT and equipment, software and installation into an equipment lease or asset finance agreement and enjoy quick access to finance from one lender.

6. Enjoy faster productivity
Get the equipment your business needs now.  You’ll increase your productivity to get  the cash funds to pay for the leased assets.

7. Avoid technology becoming obsolete
Leasing assets and equipment over their productive life lets you upgrade at the end of term to new and better equipment and keep pace with change and stay ahead of the competition.

8. Add on equipment
As your business needs evolve, you can add on equipment at any stage during your lease term and include all the additions in one monthly payment.

9. Tax benefits
Leasing is a fully deductible operating expense for tax purposes for your business making the actual cost less than the actual payments*.

10. Enjoy flexible End of Term options
At the end of your agreement you can choose to upgrade to new technology, extend your lease, make an offer to purchase or simply return the equipment to us – there are no hidden clauses.

Learn more about our flexible end of lease term options

With so many benefits – it’s easy to see why you should Flexi. Call us today on 1300 883 438