Vanguard Chair

Our Most Advanced Chair Yet

Introducing our most exciting chair to date, the Vanguard Deluxe. The latest addition to our growing range of quality ergonomic chairs, it provides you with everything that you have ever wanted in an office chair plus a whole lot more.

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Designed for Comfort

The Vanguard has been tried and tested, and then tried again, to ensure we are providing you with a chair that is as reliable as it is comfortable. With the use of smart technology, this chair has been engineered to be the ultimate modern office chair. Its features offer everyone a unique, customisable experience, leading to comfort levels that cannot be rivalled.

Vangaurd Deluxe Features


Polished Aluminium Base and Heavy Duty Castors

Proving that you don’t have to sacrifice durability for style, the Vanguard’s polished aluminium base and heavy duty castors are made to withstand substantial daily use.

Adjustable 3D Armrests

We understand that everyone is different, which is why we designed this chair with three-directional arm rests. Easily adjust the Vanguard Deluxe’s armrest positions by height, angle or horizontal slide to create your best fit.


Weight Sensing Synchro-Mechanism

Removing the hassle of having to adjust multiple levers to get comfortable, the Vanguard Deluxe is built with a weight sensing synchro-mechanism that adjusts to your seated position. Just sit back, relax, and let the chair put in the hard work so you can focus on the real work in front of you.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

The Vanguard Deluxe comes with double adjustable lumbar support, meaning you can lift, angle and mould the right and left sides individually to fit the natural curvature of your spine.


Nano Woven Mesh Back

For optimal breathability and comfort, the Vanguard Deluxe’s signature Nano Woven mesh back is the practical and stylish choice for any workplace.

Moulded Foam Seat

Having a moulded foam seat in an office chair is crucial given that office workers spend the majority of their day seated. The Vanguard Deluxe is built with a hard wearing foam that will protect and support your lower back muscles, taking the pressure off so you can focus throughout your entire day.


Vanguard Deluxe Chair

Price: $599 $249
  • Weight sensing synchro-mechanism
  • Breathable nano woven mesh backing
  • Back tilt
  • Hidden sliding footrest
  • Foam seat
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Gas height adjustable
  • Polished aluminium base with heavy duty castors
  • Suitable for 8+ hours a day sitting time
  • 10 year warranty
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