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Meeting rooms are an important area for collaboration, brainstorming and spreading business information. Therefore, having a practical and comfortable meeting space is imperative in getting the most from your employees. Our Tables and meeting furniture packages are a great way to save both time and money on meeting room furniture.

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  • Sale! Boardroom package premium

    Boardroom Table Package – Premium

  • Sale! Boardroom package commercial

    Boardroom Table Package – Commercial

    $3,440.00 $2,465.00
  • Sale! Boardroom economy package

    Boardroom Table Package – Economy

    $1,684.00 $1,159.00
  • Sale! TTR900WMCC

    Meeting Room Pack 1

    $1,199.00 $1,039.00
  • Sale! Rar1200-Pack-1

    Meeting Room Pack 2

    $1,099.00 $929.00
  • Aries-Stool-Dry

    Aries Bar Pack

  • Sale! Virgo-Pack

    Virgo Bar Pack

    $649.00 $519.00
  • Venus-AGT

    Lounge Package


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