What are AFRDI certified chairs?

When looking for office chairs you might come across something called an AFRDI level or rating, or perhaps your workplace requires AFRDI certified chairs, and you wonder, what does it actually mean? The AFRDI are the Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute, a non-profit, independent organisation of engineers and technicians whose job it is to test furniture for […]

How to Organise File Cabinets at Work: Keeping Offices Organised

Learning how to organise file cabinets at work and using filing system categories for your paperwork is a crucial element of running a business. Whether you run a small family-owned business, a large corporate office or you just deal with a lot of paperwork at work or home, keeping your files organised will only enhance […]

8 Simple Ways to Reduce Noise in Office Environments

In many cases, noise in office environments and corporate settings can be incredibly distracting. Where open plan office layouts are designed to be stimulating, invigorating and provide the perfect setting for collaboration, they also come with a new set of challenges, including noise pollution and workplace noise disruption. Between loud phone conversations, aggressive keyboard typing, […]

5 Home Office Deductions You Should Know About

Whether you’re working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you generally operate your business remotely, or you’re an employee of a firm that works both from home and in-office, you’re entitled to claim home office deductions for the home office expenses that you have incurred this year. The office furniture that you have set […]

Can I Claim Office Furniture on My Taxes?

If you’re fitting out a new office layout or refurnishing your existing commercial space, it can be challenging to keep on top of the costs and furniture expenses. Office furniture is a fundamental element for how a business operates, how employees’ function and company innovation and collaboration. So, what does a tax deduction office furniture […]

We’re Helping To Get Lydia A Smart Pup!

Update: October 7 – we’ve donated $1,245 to help get Lydia a Smart Pup! For people living with Cystic Fibrosis, every day is a struggle. Intensive physiotherapy, countless medications, and exercises to maintain a clear airway are part of the daily routine, while regular appointments with specialists and hospital procedures are necessary to manage the […]

10 Surprisingly Fun Facts About Furniture

1. Charles Darwin was an innovator in every sense of the word, and that extended to furniture design as well. To move around his study more efficiently and get to his specimens quicker, he added wheels to the bottom of his chair – so was born the modern office chair. 2. The earliest known game […]

COVID-19 Statement

At Epic Office Furniture, we are working hard to ensure we continue providing the service and products our customers need at this time, while doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As an online store, we are in the fortunate situation of being able to carry on with business for now. Many […]

Working From Home Tips: Your Essential Guide

Many of us (including the author of this post) have found ourselves adjusting to the new reality of working from home. Of course there are positives – more sleep, less travel time and working in whatever clothes (if any) you like – but you may quickly realise that your own home is not very conducive […]