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Epic Office Furniture are the leading providers of high-quality office furniture and office supplies in Adelaide. Offering a wide range of office desks, chairs, equipment and wall dividers, Epic Office Furniture can provide your Adelaide office with everything you could possibly need. Create your ideal office that will last for years to come, without breaking the bank – purchase from Epic Office Furniture to have your office furniture needs delivered directly to your door.

An Australian-owned and based company, Epic Office are pleased to offer the best online office furniture warehouse Adelaide has ever seen. Selling across Australia, our experience and in-depth knowledge into durable and good-looking office furniture means that we don’t settle for anything less than the best. Whether it be our exceptional products, fast and reliable delivery, or our fantastic customer service, we guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with the Epic Office Furniture service.

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Are you looking for sophisticated and stylish office furniture in Adelaide? Look no further than Epic Office Furniture. As one of the leading office furniture Adelaide suppliers, Epic Office Furniture are pleased to offer a wide range of commercial and office furniture, delivered straight to the door of your Adelaide office.

Finding high-quality office furniture in Adelaide can often be a tough feat. Where commercial pieces are often expensive or low quality, Epic Office Furniture offer an unprecedented online warehouse for Adelaide business owners to fit-out their commercial spaces without breaking the bank. We are pleased to provide an extensive range to our Adelaide customers. Where modern furniture meets functionality and comfort, we’re confident that you’ll find the right office furniture for your workspace in our online range. Find those missing pieces of your workspace or fit out your entire commercial space at Epic Office Furniture. We stock a wide range of office desks, office chairs and ergonomic Adelaide furniture to suit a wide variety of styles and working environments.

If you need your office completely furnished, look no further than our Adelaide office furniture bundles and package deals. Where it can often be challenging to find matching items of furniture that are affordable, Epic Office offers an extensive range of furniture packages that produce smart, flowing and useful commercial spaces in Adelaide. 

Furnishing a whole Adelaide office space does not need to be challenging or costly. Our office furniture bundles are the answer, they give you everything you require, including chairs, desks, storage solutions and office supplies. We’ll equip you with high-quality furniture bundles that are perfectly coordinated, are comfortable for employees, and will proceed to look great for years to come. 

Whether you own your own office space in Adelaide or a family run business, we’re confident that we can get you the perfect Adelaide office furniture package to suit your needs. Our quality packages are affordable, available online and can be shipped across Australia.

Office Chairs Adelaide

If employees are going to be seated at their desks all day, they need to have comfortable, supportive and functional office chairs. At Epic Office, we stock a wide range of office chairs that keep staff members comfortable, healthy and happy while at work. If you’re seeking those affordable but high-quality office chairs Adelaide showrooms just don’t stock, you’ve come to the right place. 

Are you looking for the best Office Chairs in Adelaide? You are on the right site. A superior office chair provides better posture, increased comfort, and improves productivity for employees. In terms of improving your office productivity and performance, the best office chairs can minimise the number of breaks that your employees need to take due to being uncomfortable, as well as boosting morale and reducing tiredness and soreness. 

Adelaide desk chairs that are comfortable, functional, and fit well within the modern office space are hard to come by. More often than not, the best ergonomic Adelaide desk chairs for offices are also costly and will need to be shipped from overseas.

The office chair is a significant factor when it comes to creating a comfortable office workstation. Consequently, it would be helpful if you found the best office manufacturer in the Adelaide area. If you are looking for the most dependable office chairs in Adelaide, Epic Office Furniture is who you’re looking for. We stock a wide assortment of office and desk chairs. All of our office chairs are made from long-lasting, soft materials that provide higher comfort levels. Here’s a list of our most popular office chairs in Adelaide:

  • Executive office chairs
  • Mesh office chair
  • Stools
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Boardroom chairs
  • Lounge chairs
  • Visitors chair

We’ve got the best ergonomic and flexible office chairs Adelaide has to offer to keep your employees productive and comfortable in the workplace. Are you looking for matching office desks? We’ve got those too! Specifically designed for efficiency and style, our full range of ergonomic furniture and chairs vastly improve the quality and quantity of work being put out by employees. 

Office Desks Adelaide

Epic Office are pleased to stock a wide range of the best office desks Adelaide has on offer. Whether you’re looking for traditional timber, contemporary and sleek designs, or an ergonomic office desk, we have got you covered. Every productive office space and workstation begin with a sturdy and reliable office desk – find yours today at Epic Office Furniture Adelaide.

Browse our full range of office desks today, and you’ll see why we’re Adelaide’s top office furniture supplier. We offer every type of desk from individual pieces to open-plan workstations and flexible designs that are suitable for a wide variety of office environments. We can even come in and create a customised office desk and workstation system to build the ideal office desk system for your individual Adelaide office space.

When it comes to fitting your Adelaide office, the desk that you pick is important in providing a comfortable and practical office environment. Most Adelaide office employees spend the majority of their day at their desks; therefore, a suitable desk will boost productivity and functionality while working. 

The desk that you want will vary depending on the type of space that you have in your office. If the space is small, a corner desk is an exceptional space-saving and practical option. If additional storage is necessary, you can buy an office desk that provides extra storage and functional features. If you’re using both a laptop or desktop computer on your desk, you can also find office desks in Adelaide that are the right height for the most beneficial working posture. 

Buy Office Desks in Adelaide

When delivering a standard of employee comfort, business owners must provide staff with office desks that are large enough in size and comfortable. For flexible and functional working stations, you will find a massive range of options at Epic Office Furniture in Adelaide. Being the number one supplier in Adelaide, we offer the best office desks at affordable rates. Check out our product pages for the superior choices we provide when shopping for Adelaide office desks. We stock:

  • Reception desks
  • Modern workstations
  • Adjustable height desks
  • Corner office desks
  • Conference desks
  • Straight desks

Are you seeking a communal area that can seat several employees? A workstation is what you’re looking for. Now a familiar item in modern and start-up style office spaces, workstations are gaining a reputation in the corporate world. This is because workstations offer a functional, flexible and collaborative working area that can seat anywhere from two people, up to ten or fourteen people, depending on the area.  

The modern workplace is built for collaboration and creative thinking. Where the old sectional office space started, communal office layouts involving workstation set-ups have taken over. While operating as a shared workspace, workstations allow for many employees to have their own desk spaces, while at the same time sharing the area with others. Created to maximise collaboration, workstations have proved to increase employee productivity and versatility while working. 

At Epic Office, we understand that most of Adelaide’s office spaces are entirely different. With different purposes, business styles and industry specifications, workstations offer a unique solution for a wide variety of Adelaide businesses that want employees to work together. What’s even more impressive, office accessories including desk screens, acoustic panels and desktops can still be divide into separate working areas, offering employees the option of privacy. 

At Epic Office Adelaide, we stock and sell: 

  • 2 person workstations 
  • 3 person workstations 
  • 4 person workstations 
  • 5 person workstations
  • 6 person workstations 
  • 8 person workstations 
  • Large office workstations 
  • Height-adjustable workstations

From laptop desks to computer tables and reception desks, our extensive range covers everything you could possibly need for office desks in Adelaide. We’ve workstations for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people, with additional dividers to add privacy when necessary. Whatever you need for your office desks, we’re confident you’ll find the right model and style of desk in our extensive online warehouse range at Epic Office Furniture Adelaide.

Office Equipment Adelaide

Other than the standard office furniture Adelaide like chairs and desks, employers need to consider the rest of the necessary equipment that makes up a functional office. Think about all of the additional equipment that works to ensure smooth operation within an office – we’ve got it all. 

Create a comfortable and inviting environment that promotes creative thinking, productivity and functionality. Additional office equipment should not detract or contrast with your office space; rather, should enhance the daily work experience. 

Believe it or not, tables are essential to any Adelaide office. With meeting tables, mobile tables, boardroom tables, drafting and coffee tables, all tables in the office add something practical to business spaces. 

Creating a space where staff can come together to meet, share ideas, cooperate and leave their desks, the tables in your Adelaide office are essential in providing a functional workplace. Adelaide office tables can be used in several different settings from meeting rooms to reception areas, to break rooms and between employee workstations. 

Here at Epic Office Adelaide, we have the biggest range of tables for every type of commercial space. Whether you’re searching for something contemporary or more classical in style, we’ve got the right office tables for you. Choose from our wide range of: 

  • Boardroom tables
  • Cafe tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Meeting tables
  • Drafting tables
  • Mobile tables

Whether you’re fitting out your new Adelaide City office or are updating the equipment in your existing commercial space, the office furniture equipment that you choose will essentially set out how your office will function. Plenty of thought and careful planning should go into what your office needs to survive. While it is necessary to begin with the office desks and chairs, business owners also need to consider all of the office equipment that staff rely on to carry out their tasks successfully. 

The Epic Office equipment Adelaide range offers fantastic office equipment and supplies to ensure that you have everything you could possibly need to support a commercial office space. Whether you need office furniture pieces, stationery items, storage facilities or organisational tools, we have got you covered. 

Our range extends from traditional office furnishings to modern furniture pieces and unique office equipment to match a company’s brand. Whatever your job requires, we’re confident you’ll be able to find what you need for your Adelaide office at Epic Office. 

Office Furniture Supplies Adelaide

The quality of your office furniture in Adelaide says a lot about your workplace. As a business owner, you need to invest in office furniture that is going to be long-lasting, comfortable, stylish and versatile.

Epic Office Furniture are the leading office furniture company in Adelaide. As an Australian business, we know how challenging it can be to find office furniture in Adelaide that is of high quality and is reasonably priced. If you’re fitting out an entire Adelaide office space, purchasing office furniture can quickly get very expensive. As an Australian-owned and based business, we are proud to offer the best and most affordable office furniture Adelaide has to offer.

Adelaide Ergonomic Office Chairs 

Furnishing your office with ergonomic office chairs is the easiest way to encourage more effective teamwork. The science of the ergonomic office chair enhances the daily life of employees, ensuring that they are comfortable while sitting, their posture and position is well-aligned, and their risk of forming poor health conditions from sedentary behaviour is reduced. 

Whether your employees need more support, improved sitting position or need some new office furniture at work, we’ve got the perfect ergonomic office chair to satisfy your needs. Epic Office Furniture ships office chairs all over Adelaide and the surrounding areas with fast, free, metropolitan delivery on all suitable orders.

The home of office furniture supplies Adelaide, Epic Office stock a wide range of the best commercial office furniture Adelaide has on offer. As an Australian business, we understand how challenging it can be to find the right equipment, supplies and furniture for a space that also needs to be functional. We strive to provide Adelaide customers with the best options without stretching the budget. 

Our Office Furniture Warehouse Adelaide

The overall quality and visual appearance of an office can have a profound impact on productivity and motivation within the workplace. The right setting and commercial layout play a vital role in stimulating and improving the overall work efficiency of employees. Outdated offices with tired, worn, and uncomfortable office furniture often resonate with an unproductive and disruptive workplace. When you furnish a space with high quality, comfortable and good-looking furniture, employees and visitors are inspired every time they set foot within the space. 

Our Adelaide office furniture online warehouse is bursting with a wide range of high-quality office furniture deals to accommodate every style of office space. Whether you’re furnishing a traditional, minimal, modern or specifically branded office space, we can offer a wide selection of furniture pieces to suit every style. If you’re looking to go for an entire re-furnish, we can provide you with matching collections and furniture packages to create a cohesive and coordinated commercial space. All of our office desks and office chairs Adelaide are manufactured with the highest grade materials, to ensure they offer supreme comfort and style for years to come. 

At Epic Office, we’re proud to sell our products across all of Australia. We have separate warehouses in four states, allowing us to meet commercial demand and move stock quickly from door-to-door. The seamless ordering and delivery process in Adelaide will ensure that you benefit from fast and reliable shipping wherever you are located.

In addition to our quality products, we centre our company philosophy on exceptional customer service and efficient delivery and shipping. Customer service and support is a fundamental aspect of our service, with our extensive range of standard products augmented with custom designs, bulk deals and office furniture Adelaide packages. If your company requires custom furniture to fit your office or branding, we can deliver a complete office fit-out to meet the individual requirements of your work. We’ll work with you directly, from the conception, design, manufacturing and installation. 

Epic Office are an Australian owned and operated business with a combined history of more than 20 years in the furniture industry. Over this course, we’ve had our products involved in countless commercial applications across Adelaide and throughout Australia. As one of the largest suppliers of office goods in the entire country, when you purchase with Epic Office Furniture Adelaide, you’re assured quality and peace of mind.