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Privacy is an important element in today’s office environment where cubicles are still a common design choice. When several people share an office layout, with each working on different projects, it’s essential that each has the privacy required to work efficiently. Office screens are the perfect solution. Epic Office offer a comprehensive range of practical and stylish screen solutions for all workplaces. From pinboard screens to privacy screens and portable partitions, make your workstation your own today!

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  • Freestanding Screen 3

    Acrylic Dividing Screens – Freestanding

    From $99.00
  • Acrylic Screens

    Acrylic Dividing Screens – Mounted

    From $112.00
  • Autex Vertiface Freestanding Pinboard 1

    Autex Vertiface Freestanding Pinboard

    From $698.00
  • Autex Vertiface Mobile Pinboard 1

    Autex Vertiface Mobile Pinboard

  • Communication Glassboard Room Divider

    Communication Glassboard Room Divider

  • Communication Room Divider

    From $709.00
  • Hedge

    Autex Vicinity Desk Screen

    Call for Price
  • Screen 12

    Sneeze Guard Desktop Screen – Freestanding

    From $177.00$88.00
  • Desk Top Screen - Straight

    Infinity Desktop Screen

    From $196.00
  • Eco Panel Screen 1200 Grey Black

    Eco Panel Desk Screen

    From $159.00
  • Eco Panel Slide On Screen Grey 2

    Eco Panel Slide On Screen

  • Infinity Return Screen 1

    Infinity Return Screen

  • Epic Screens

    From $169.00
  • Freestanding Acoustic Partition

    Freestanding Acoustic Partition Screen

    From $279.00
  • Screen Hung Desk Mount

    Screen Hung Desk Mount

  • SHUSH30 Freestanding Screen Feet – Pair

  • Desk Mount Acoustic Screen

    Desk Mounted Cube Screen – 1200×300

  • Autex Cove Desk Screen Bevel

    Autex Cove Slide-On Desk Screen

    From $99.00