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Easily display, share and create with our wide range of Pinboards online! Whether you need a bulletin board to share important memos, or a notice board to display important employee information, our range of pinboards are sure to get the job done. With over a hundred colour options to choose from, and a range of stylish frames, our Pin board range will make your office look great! With great features like self-healing fabric or reverb reducing acoustic Pinboards, you can create a more practical space for your staff.

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  • Standard Feltboard

    Standard Frame Feltboard

    From $111.00
  • Standard Corkboard

    Standard Frame Corkboard

    From $99.00
  • Standard Suzette

    Standard Suzette Pinboard

    From $221.00
  • Standard Autex

    Autex Vertiface Framed Pinboard

    From $179.00
  • Standard Krommenie

    Krommenie Framed Pinboard

    From $245.00
  • Autex Composition

    Autex Composition

  • Slimline Suzette

    Slimline Frame Suzette Pinboard

    From $274.00
  • Slimline Autex

    Autex Vertiface Slimline Pinboard

    From $368.00
  • Slimline Frame Krommenie Pinboard

    From $350.00
  • Autex Vertiface Frameless Pinboard

    Autex Vertiface Frameless Pinboard

    From $179.00
  • peel-and-stick-2

    Peel ‘n’ Stick Pinnable Acoustic Panels

  • Autex Vertiface Mobile Pinboard 1

    Autex Vertiface Mobile Pinboard

  • Autex Vertiface Freestanding Pinboard 1

    Autex Vertiface Freestanding Pinboard

    From $698.00