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Epic Office Furniture are Sydney’s leading online retailer for affordable and functional office and commercial furniture. Stocking the best office furniture Sydney has to offer, we deliver stylish and quality office chairs, desks, wall dividers and so much more, directly to your door in Sydney. As an Australian-owned and based company, we are committed to providing exceptional products, at competitive rates, with excellent customer service.

Whether you’re looking to furnish a new commercial space or update your existing office layout, finding the right furniture to do so is crucial to creating the right work environment. When you work with Epic Office, you’re engaging with experts in the field of office furniture. We guarantee that we can provide you with the best office furniture Sydney has to offer – browse our full range of commercial office furniture to find your ideal office set up today.

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  • Cascade Mesh Office Chair
    Cascade Mesh Chair
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  • Rapid Worker Straight Desk
    Rapid Worker Straight Desk
    From $137.00
  • RWCWS1818 B_I (2)
    Rapid Worker Corner Workstation
    From $359.00
  • Signature Steel Mobile Pedestal White
    Signature Steel Mobile Pedestal
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  • Epic Span Single
    Rapid Span Straight Desk
    From $267.00
  • Freestanding Acoustic Partition
    Freestanding Acoustic Partition Screen
    From $309.00
  • Rapid Span Corner Workstation White, Span Leg Silver RSCWS18187 SW
    Rapid Span Corner Workstation
    From $435.00
  • Chic Mesh Office Chair White Grey
    Chic Mesh Office Chair
    From $399.00
  • Epic Worker 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal Beech
    Rapid Worker Mobile Pedestal
    From $225.00
  • Rapid Span 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal
    Rapid Span 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal
  • Nova Black Visitor Chair
    Nova Stackable Visitors Chair
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  • Zola Stackable Visitors Chair
    Zola Stackable Visitors Chair
  • Luminous Mesh Office Chair Grey and White Ergonomic
    Luminous Mesh Office Chair
  • Chair Mat
    Chair Mat
    From $69.00
  • Deluxe Rapid Span Corner Workstation
    Deluxe Rapid Span Corner Workstation
    From $439.00
  • Steel Frame Table
    Steel Frame Table
    From $227.00
  • Ergo Ergonomic Office Chair Black
    Ergo Office Chair
  • CMZ1245 B_I (2)
    Rapid Worker Lockable Credenza
    From $297.00
  • Vesta Mesh Back Office Chair
    Vesta Mesh Back Office Chair
    Product on sale
  • GMP3 Precious Silver
    3 Drawer Steel Mobile Pedestal

Sydney Office Furniture

At Epic Office Furniture, we are pleased to offer our extensive range of office furniture at budget-friendly rates in Sydney. As a local business, we understand the challenge of sourcing office furniture in Sydney that is reasonably priced and durable. Particularly if you’re furnishing an entire office in the city, office furniture prices in Sydney can get out of hand very quickly. Our customers at Epic Office can enjoy the most reliable and affordable office furniture the city of Sydney has on offer.

Where finding the right office furniture solutions for your Sydney office can prove to be quite the challenge; Epic Office offer an extensive range of and high-quality pieces to construct a trendy and functional office layout. Other office furniture suppliers Sydney will stock furniture that either compromise on quality, visual appeal or functionality to make up for reasonable prices. But at Epic Office, we strive to provide all three.

Epic Office Furniture is committed to delivering the best quality furniture Sydney has to offer, while also ensuring all pieces are accessible and affordable. Where Sydney commercial office furniture can easily get pricey, we endeavour to provide stately pieces at reasonable prices. The modern office space needs to provide space for collaboration, productive workstations and creative thinking. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find all of that for your Sydney office at Epic Office without breaking the bank.

Sydney Ergonomic Office Chairs 

Fitting your office with ergonomic office chairs is the best way to encourage more effective teamwork. The science of the ergonomic office chair improves the daily life of employees, ensuring that they are comfortable while sitting, their posture and position is well-aligned, and their risk of forming poor health conditions from sedentary behaviour is decreased. 

Whether your employees need more support, improved sitting position or need an update in the office furniture at work, we’ve got the perfect ergonomic office chair to suit your needs. Epic Office Furniture ships office chairs all over Sydney and the surrounding areas with fast, metropolitan delivery on all applicable orders.

Looking for a desk? When it comes to furnishing your Sydney office, the desk that you pick is necessary to provide a comfortable and practical office environment. Most Sydney office employees spend the majority of their time at their desks; therefore, a good desk will boost productivity and functionality while working. 

The desk that you choose will vary depending on the type of space that you have in your office. If the area is small, a corner desk is a great space-saving and practical option. If additional storage is needed, you can buy an office desk that provides extra storage and functional features. If you’re using either a laptop or desktop computer on your desk, you can also find office desks in Sydney that are the right height for the most beneficial working posture. 

Buy Office Desks in Sydney

When administering a standard of employee comfort, business owners must provide staff with office desks that are large in size and comfortable. For useful and generous working stations, you will find a huge range of options at Epic Office in Sydney. The number one supplier in Sydney, we offer the best office desks at affordable rates. Check out our products online for the superior choices we provide when shopping for Sydney office desks. We stock:

  • Reception desks
  • Modern workstations
  • Adjustable height desks
  • Corner office desks
  • Conference desks
  • Straight desks

Looking for a reception desk in Sydney? We’ve got you covered. This necessity that is often overlooked is a crucial element for how your business functions every day. Reception desks are the first thing that most clients and visitors will see as they enter an office – first impressions matter. Epic Office can provide the best reception desk for your Sydney office, without breaking the budget. Our reception desks prioritise functionality, organisation, comfortability for employees and sophisticated design. Keep the first line of defence in your Sydney office functioning well with our wide range of reception desks in Sydney.

Office Boardroom Furniture Sydney

While we believe it is important to find the best equipment and office desks Sydney has to offer; your office design should be cohesive and comfortable. The modern-day office needs to provide organised workstations, refreshment and break rooms, and boardrooms to gather the staff when need be. Encourage creative thinking and collaboration with our office boardroom furniture Sydney.

Commercial office furnishing can be especially tricky. Whether you’re furnishing your brand new Sydney retail space or you’re updating your existing office equipment, settling on a great style of furniture is the key to setting the right environment. You want to establish a versatile, flexible design that perfects the balance between practical and aesthetically pleasing. Rather than trying to match random pieces of furniture, your best chance at creating a comfortable environment is to find a bulk office furniture package where you can furnish the space in one hit.

Believe it or not, tables are necessary to any Sydney office. Among meeting tables, mobile tables, boardroom tables, drafting and coffee tables, all tables in the office contribute something practical to business spaces. 

Creating an area where staff can come together to engage, brainstorm, cooperate and leave their desks, the tables in your Sydney office are important in providing a functional workplace. Sydney office tables can be used in a diverse number of settings from meeting rooms to reception areas, to break rooms and between employee workstations. 

Here at Epic Office Sydney, we have a complete range of tables for every type of commercial space. Whether you’re searching for something modern or more classical in style, we’ve got the right office tables for you. Choose from our wide range of: 

  • Boardroom tables
  • Cafe tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Meeting tables
  • Drafting tables
  • Mobile tables

Epic Office Furniture have an extensive portfolio of fitting out beautiful and stylish commercial spaces throughout Sydney. Alongside our standard range of contemporary furniture, we can also provide full commercial fit-outs with customised elements per the company’s request. As a young Australian business, we understand that creating the perfect work environment is crucial to building an exclusive brand. That’s why we’re so adaptable with our Sydney office furniture solutions; we will gladly help you to create the best possible office for your company.

Sydney Office Workstations

Are you looking for an oversized desk that seats more than one employee? A workstation is what you’re looking for. Now a popular addition in modern and start-up style office spaces, workstations are gaining a reputation in the corporate world. This is because workstations offer a practical, flexible and collaborative working layout that can seat anywhere from two people, up to ten or fourteen people, depending on the area.  

The modern workplace made for collaboration and creative thinking. Where the old cubicle style office space started, office layouts involving workstation set-ups have taken over. While operating as a shared workspace, workstations allow for numerous employees to have their own desk spaces, while at the same time sharing the area with others. Created to maximise the influence of collaboration, workstations have been shown to increase employee productivity and versatility while working. 

At Epic Office, we understand that most of Sydneys office spaces are completely different. With different services, business styles and industry specifications, workstations offer an excellent solution for a wide variety of Sydney businesses that want employees to work together. What’s more, workstation accessories including desk screens, acoustic panels and desktops can still be divide into separate working areas, offering employees the option of privacy. 

At Epic Office Sydney, we stock and sell: 

  • 2 person workstations 
  • 3 person workstations 
  • 4 person workstations 
  • 5 person workstations
  • 6 person workstations 
  • 8 person workstations 
  • Large office workstations 
  • Height-adjustable workstations

Office Equipment Sydney

The type of your Sydney office furniture and office equipment says a lot about your workplace. As a business owner, it’s essential to invest in office furniture solutions that are comfortable, long-lasting, practical and will look great for several years. Not only is it necessary to find the all-important desks and chairs, but business owners also need to consider all of the office equipment that employees need to carry out their tasks successfully.

Our office equipment Sydney range offers exclusive access to all of the supplies you could possibly need for your Sydney commercial space. Whether you need office furniture, stationery, office organisation tools, storage facilities cable management systems or office tables Sydney, we have got you covered.

Our range extends from traditional office furnishings to modern furniture pieces and unique office equipment to match a company’s brand. Whatever your job requires, we’re confident you’ll be able to find what you need for your Sydney office at Epic Office.

If you have found a piece of furniture in our standard range but would like to make some adjustments, we can offer you customised high quality office furniture solutions. We can make custom-builds for your commercial space, or we can adapt one of our standard pieces to meet the individual requirements of your office space. What’s more, we’ll do it at a competitive price.

Sydney Office Storage Solutions

Finding furniture for your office comes down to so much more than desks and chairs. At Epic Office, we understand that your Sydney office requires a level of functionality that can only be achieved with sophisticated storage and organisation. We offer an extensive range of filing cabinets, drawer cabinets and storage solutions for every type of business. Whether your Sydney business relies on paperwork or you’re in need of a new filing system, we’ve got your every need covered.

Sydney Home Office Furniture

Epic Office Furniture are proud to stock the most reliable range of home office furniture Sydney has to offer. While working from home, the wrong office desk, chair, and desktop height will lead to stress on the body, backaches, neck pain and discomfort throughout each day. What’s more, a disruptive and messy workspace will only decrease work productivity and efficiency. If you’re going to work from home, you need to invest in some office furniture solutions that are going to be conducive to a steady day’s work.

As more people move to working remotely, creating the right home office is only becoming more critical. While many are content with make-shift offices, working from the dining room table is not a practical and productive solution. Your home office should be a dedicated space, with a reliable office chair, desk, adjustable desktop height and organisational tools. Create the perfect office at home with the most comfortable ergonomic chairs and office desks Sydney has to offer with Epic Office Furniture. We’ll provide you with the best furniture pieces to ensure productive, positive and efficient work from home.

Given that more people are working from home because of COVID-19, there has never been a better time to kit out your working from home set up in Sydney. Forget your impromptu work station at the dining room table – for productive and efficient work performance from home; you need a comfortable work setting. Luckily for you, Epic Office offer a wide range of office pieces for all of those completing their work from home in Sydney. Between our office chairs, desks, storage solutions and office accessories, your new set up will inspire, motivate and foster a positive working environment, right from the comfort of your own home. 

Sydney Office Chairs

Are you after the best office chairs in Sydney? You are in the right place. A better office chair provides better posture, increased comfort, and improves productivity for employees. In terms of promoting your office productivity and performance, the best office chairs can decrease the number of breaks that your employees need to take due to being uncomfortable, as well as raising morale and reducing tiredness and soreness. 

The office chair is a major factor when it comes to creating a comfortable office workstation. Consequently, it would be beneficial if you found the best office manufacturer in the Sydney area. Clearly put, if you are looking for the most reliable office chairs in Sydney, Epic Office Furniture is who you’re looking for. We provide a wide assortment of office and desk chairs. All of our office chairs are made from long-lasting, soft materials that provide superior comfort. Here’s a list of our top-selling office chairs in Sydney:

  • Executive office chairs
  • Mesh office chair
  • Stools
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Boardroom chairs
  • Lounge chairs
  • Visitors chair

Fitting Out Your Sydney Headquarters

Epic Office are Sydney’s top commercial furniture provider. Serving customers throughout Sydney and New South Wales, we endeavour to always provide quick, efficient and reliable deliveries across the city. Our breadth of experience in the industry allows us to meet various Sydney customer demands, without compromising on time or quality. The Epic Office team have the capacity to provide and deliver projects of any complexity – no Sydney office fit-out is too big or too small for our team.

Epic Office Sydney offer clientele the ability to customise and design their own office fit-outs and furniture. Alongside our standard Sydney range, our customers can create and tailor fit-outs that fit their commercial space, branding and employee requirements. Your ideal furniture suppliers in Sydney, we’re a team of flexible, reliable and friendly New South Wales furniture specialists who are committed to delivering quality.

Whether you’re a commercial space in the suburbs or within a sleek, CBD high-rise, we’ve got your furniture requirements covered. Every Sydney office space requires furniture that fits the brand, commercial space, and the many provisions of the Sydney employees. Rather than trying to find odd pieces of furniture here and there, Epic Office provide affordable, sophisticated and comfortable pieces that suit a wide variety of office designs. Forget trying to find cheap office chairs or desks in Sydney showrooms; Epic Office can supply you with the whole lot.

With our endless supply of sophisticated, uniquely designed furniture, it is doubtful that you will have a hard time finding the right fit for your Sydney space. In the unlikely event that you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can provide you with custom-designed Sydney furniture to suit your various needs. Epic Office have a committed team of friendly Sydney professionals that will provide end to end customer service and support for your customised furniture – from the initial consult to the implementation; we’re committed to providing an exceptional Sydney customer service.

Office Furniture Suppliers Sydney

As one of the leading office furniture suppliers Sydney has to offer, we are confident that our extensive range will provide exactly what you need for your Sydney office. We design all of our Sydney office furniture solutions with comfort, style and functionality in mind, ensuring our Sydney customers are provided with the best of the best office furniture. From office desks, chairs, wall dividers, office equipment and office tables Sydney, we have got every type of office aids you could possibly need. From open-plan offices to commercial fit-outs and contemporary start-up designs, we have got the tools for you to create every type of working environment. Our vast range and extensive experience in commercial furnishings mean that we’re also happy to provide custom-made designs and furniture pieces for Sydney customers.

At Epic Office, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. While most of our products end up in office spaces, we also sell specific products to hospitality businesses, education facilities, and the healthcare industry, among others. We have over 20 years of combined experience selling furniture across Australia and are continually expanding our range to satisfy the growing requirements of the Australian office and commercial market.

Along with our comprehensive range of standard office furniture solutions, we also provide bulk orders, furniture deals and packages, and customised office fit-outs for specific spaces. Suppose you need a made-to-order furniture solution that perfectly fits the architecture of your new Sydney commercial space. In that case, we can help you with furniture design, manufacturing, and installation.

If you need your office completely fitted, look no further than our Sydney office furniture bundles and package deals. Where it can often be difficult to find matching items of furniture that are affordable, Epic Office offers a wide range of furniture packages that produce smart, flowing and useful commercial spaces in Sydney. 

Furnishing an entire Sydney office space does not need to be challenging or costly. Our office furniture bundles are an excellent solution to give you everything you require, including chairs, desks, storage solutions and office supplies. We’ll provide you with high-quality furniture bundles that are perfectly coordinated, are comfortable for employees, and will proceed to look great for years to come. 

Long-Lasting Furniture in Sydney

The quality of furniture in your Sydney office will determine the comfortability of your employees and the aesthetics of the space from the outset. Whether you’re operating a small, medium, or a large enterprise in New South Wales, your priority for furniture should be in finding long-lasting, durable, great looking pieces. By purchasing durable and high-quality components from Epic Office, you’re minimising expenditure on furniture repairs and replacements down the line. Forget cheap, low quality furniture pieces; Epic Office provide the best quality, affordable commercial furniture in Sydney.

Epic Office are Sydney’s leading specialists in office and commercial furniture. We prioritise quality composition, comfortability, and sophisticated design for all of our customers in Sydney. Whether you’re running a family-owned business in the suburbs or an entire floor in the CBD of Sydney City; great business starts with excellent furniture.

The difference between Epic Office and our competitors? Our team of furniture specialists believe that our pieces aren’t just there to fit out an office. Between our end to end furniture support, customer service, extensive inventory collection, customisable Sydney pieces and exceptional design and implementation, we are committed to providing so much more for our Sydney customers. Epic Office work to provide exceptional furniture that fosters a sophisticated, comfortable and positive workplace.

Whether you have a large office space in Sydney or a family run business, we’re certain that we can get you the perfect Sydney office furniture package to suit your needs. Our quality packages are affordable, available online and can be shipped across Australia.

Office Furniture Delivery in Sydney

If you’re looking for quality office furniture in Sydney, our local warehouse provides fast shipping for all customers in the metro area. Whether your commercial needs are large or small, general or explicit, our sophisticated products and huge range of office furniture will satisfy all demands.

Fast and hassle-free delivery is an indispensable component of our business, with all metropolitan orders shipped to your door within 2-4 days. If you live rurally, please contact customer service for a shipping quote and delivery timeline.

At Epic Office, the majority of furniture comes flat packed to avoid damage and speed up delivery times. Whether you’re buying a simple office desk, a new set of office chairs for your expansion, or cable management solutions, we ship everything with clear and detailed assembly instructions. If you’re looking for high-quality office furniture in Sydney, look no further than Epic Office.

Buy Sydney office furniture to enjoy fast and reliable delivery. If you have any questions about our products or would like to enquire about a custom-made order, please contact our friendly Epic Office Furniture support team today.

End to End Support

We also understand that purchasing furniture to fit out your commercial space in Sydney can be a daunting task. It goes without saying that many offices in the suburbs of Sydney require different finishes to sleek CBD spaces – every business is unique. While we don’t have a direct office showroom in Sydney for you to see each piece individually, we do offer a fully stocked online inventory and expert advice if you’re having trouble making your decision.

Commercial furniture is our passion – we’re the experts in all things Sydney commercial fitouts, so we’re here to provide specialist advice on all of your Sydney furniture purchases. Whether you need advice on a full office fit-out in Sydney, or individual furniture pieces, our friendly and experienced furniture specialists will be with you every step of the way. If you require an entire office fit-out in Sydney, we’ll be there from the moment you begin the design concepts to the implementation and installation.

Areas We Ship to In Sydney

Looking for office furniture in Sydney delivered directly to your front door or office? We’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most common locations that we ship to around Sydney:

Alexandria, Alfords Point, Allawah, Annandale, Annangrove, Arncliffe, Artarmon, Ashbury, Ashcroft, Ashfield, Auburn, Balgowlah, Balmain, Bankstown, Baulkham Hills, Beaconsfield, Beaumont Hills, Beecroft, Bella Vista, Belmore, Berowra, Berrilee, Beverly Hills, Bexley, Bidwill, Birchgrove, Blacktown, Blakehurst, Bondi, Bonnyrigg, Bossley Park, Botany, Breakfast Point, Brighton-le-Sands, Brookvale, Burwood, Cabramatta, Cammeray, Camperdown, Campsie, Canterbury, Caringbah, Cartwright, Cecil Hills, Cecil Park, Chatswood, Chippendale, Concord, Condell Park, Coogee, Cremorne, Cronulla, Crows Nest, Croydon, Darlinghurst, Darlington, Drummoyne, Dulwich Hill, Dundas, Dural, Earlwood, Eastgardens, Eastlakes, Eastwood, Edgecliff, Enmore, Epping, Erskineville, Fairfield, Five Dock, Girraween, Gladesville, Glebe, Greystanes, Guildford, Gymea, Haymarket, Homebush, Hornsby, Hurstville, Kellyville, Kensington, Kings Park, Kingsford, Kirribilli, Kogarah, Lakemba, Lane Cove, Lansdowne, Leichhardt, Liverpool, Macquarie Park, Manly, Maroubra, Marrickville, Merrylands, Minchinbury, Miranda, Mona Vale, Moore Park, Mount Druitt, Narrabeen, Newington, Newtown, Normanhurst, North Sydney, Northmead, Northwood, Paddington, Padstow, Palm Beach, Panania, Parklea, Parramatta, Peakhurst, Pennant Hills, Punchbowl, Putney, Pymble, Pyrmont, Randwick, Redfern, Revesby, Rockdale, Roselands, Rouse Hill, Ryde, Seven Hills, Silverwater, St Ives, St Peters, Stanmore, Strathfield, Tempe, Ultimo, Villawood, Wahroonga, Waitara, Wakeley, Waterloo, West Ryde, Wolli Creek, Wollstonecraft, Yagoona, Zetland

Can’t find your suburb? Don’t fret. We provide fast shipping to the entire Sydney metro area!

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