Tambour Cupboards

Looking for some office storage tambour units that also offer a standard of style? Epic Office provide a wide range of tambour units and storage solutions that double as office planters, blending seamlessly into any commercial space and offering a level of functionality. Store important documents in our visually appealing, practical units, with office plants that also add a splash of greenery to the space.

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  • GTD 1012 WC Open

    Go Tambour Cupboard

    From: $680.00
  • Sale! Signature Tambour

    Signature Steel Tambour and Planter Box

    $890.00 $630.00
  • Sale! Signature Steel Tambour Cupboard

    Signature Steel Tambour Cupboard

    $749.00 $520.00
  • Sale! Tambour Planter Box

    Signature Steel Planter Box

  • Sale!

    10 Signature Steel Tambour and Planter Box

    $8,900.00 $5,290.00
  • Planter Box

    Planter Box

    From: $232.00
  • Sale! Steel Mobile Caddy

    Steel Mobile Caddy


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