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Reception desks are the initial point of contact for most modern day businesses. Therefore, ensuring you have a stylish and approachable reception counter is essential in creating a positive initial impression for guests. Epic Office Furniture offer an exceptional range of high quality and modern reception desks, perfect for any business! Also, all of our reception counters offer generous working space, to ensure your employees have a practical work space.

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  • Sale! Marquee 1

    Marquee Reception Desk

    $2,599.00 $1,965.00
  • Manager Reception

    Epic Manager Reception Desk

  • Epic Manager Reception Hob 5

    Epic Manager Reception Hob

  • Worker Straight Hob

    Straight Hob

    From: $119.00
  • Sale!

    Modular Reception Counter

    From: $636.00$576.00
  • Urban Reception desk

    Urban Reception Desk

  • Sorrento Reception Desk

    Sorrento Reception Desk

    From: $799.00
  • Receptionist Reception Counter

    Receptionist Reception Counter

    From: $1,345.00
  • Hugo Reception Desk

    Hugo Reception Desk

    From: $2,394.00
  • Conservatory Curved Reception Counter

    Conservatory Curved Reception Counter

    From: $2,718.00
  • Martinique Reception Counter

    Martinique Reception Counter

  • Calvin Reception Desk

    Calvin Reception Desk

  • Aston Reception Counter

    Aston Reception Counter

  • Classic Reception Counter

    Classic Reception Counter

  • Evo Curved Reception Desk

    Evo Curved Reception Desk

    From: $2,550.00
  • Executive C-Shape Reception Desk

    Executive C-Shape Reception Desk

  • Executive J-Shape Reception Desk

    Executive J-Shape Reception Desk

  • Polaris Straight Counter

    Polaris Straight Counter

    From: $1,157.00
  • Polaris Curved Reception Counter

    Polaris Curved Reception Counter

    From: $1,349.00
  • Polaris Corner Counter

    Polaris Corner Counter

  • 5-0 Reception Counter

    5-0 Reception Counter

  • Sale! RC1809 Reception Counter

    RC1809 Reception Counter

    $970.00 $834.00
  • Kent Reception Desk

    Kent Reception Desk

    From: $1,860.00
  • Sale! OM Reception Desk

    OM Reception Desk

  • Sale! Flow Reception Desk

    Flow Reception Desk

    $1,306.00 $1,109.00

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