How to Make the Most of Your Fully Ergonomic Office Chair

Cascade Close up

Did you know that Charles Darwin was the first person to add wheels to the original office chair? That’s right, back in the 1840’s Darwin added wheels to his favourite chair for extra mobility to move quickly between specimens in his office.

Fast forward to 2019 and our office chairs can do a whole lot more than just roll around. But with all the improvements made to our most used chairs, it can be difficult to understand what the real purpose and benefit of each lever or support mechanism actually is.

You’re probably wondering, what makes a chair fully ergonomic and it’s pretty simple. A fully ergonomic office chair can be completely adjusted to fit your unique needs, meaning it will have at least three levers to adjust the height, tilt of the seat, and tilt of the back. Most ergonomic chairs will also come with even more modifications like adjustable lumbar support and armrests.

So, why is it so important to be able to adjust each of these separately?

Well, considering that the average office employee can expect to spend around 8 hours a day sitting in their office chair, having the perfect fit that provides the right support is crucial.

In addition to this, having an ergonomic office chair has been proven to increase productivity and maximise the efficiency of the person sitting in it, whilst also promoting back health and helping to minimise workplace stress injuries that can be caused by substandard furniture.

When shopping around for an office chair be sure to check out the specifications and look at what features the chair has, it’s also important to note the warranty it comes with. For example, the Epic Cascade Mesh Chair comes with the whole kit and caboodle – with back and seat tilt, gas height adjustment, tension control, adjustable lumbar support and adjustable armrests. It’s also backed by a 10-year warranty.

Getting yourself a quality, fully ergonomic office chair will ultimately insure yourself in the long run as you can focus more on your work/life balance, and less on the impending stress injuries that are caused by unsupportive office chairs.

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