Can I Claim Office Furniture on My Taxes?

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Updated 2021-2022

Before we go any further – if you worked from home this financial year due to Covid or otherwise and you’re looking at claiming your home office furniture and expenses – it’s cool; we’ve got you. Not only does the ATO have pages of information on their website relating to the special conditions around Covid – they’ve even put together updated information specifically for claiming working from home expenses. Not working from home? Read on as this guide covers business claims too.

If you’re fitting out a new office layout or refurnishing your existing commercial space, it can be challenging to understand just how that fits in with your annual tax returns. So, what does a tax deductible office furniture claim look like?

Between office furniture, storage facilities and the general costs of upkeep within a commercial space, which expenses are eligible for tax deductions will largely depend on whether or not those costs are directly related to the business and how the business operates. 

As a business owner in Australia, you’re required to keep a record of business expenses to be eligible to claim a deduction, in order to reduce the income tax you pay. And if you’re an employee of a large (or small) organisation, you’re entitled to make claims to receive tax deductions for expenses related to working from home.  

If you’re reading this article, you are probably wondering “Can I claim office furniture on my taxes?”

Can I Claim Office Furniture on My Taxes?

In short, yes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home, you’re running a small business or you’re an employee of a large organisation. As an Australian taxpayer, you are potentially eligible to claim a tax deduction for office furniture expenses, which may results in a refund of taxes you have paid or a reduction in your tax payable, depending on your circumstances. Sole traders, those in partnerships and companies can all make tax deductible office furniture claims through their necessary tax return lodgings. 

As a business owner, you can claim a tax deduction for most expenses incurred from carrying on your business, as long as they are directly related to earning your assessable income. Office furniture? Well, it’s pretty clear that you or your employees would not be able to carry out the necessary work without relying on functional workplace furniture. 

If you’ve purchased office furniture such as office desks, shelving, office chairs and storage that is used in running your business, you can claim tax deductions if the following conditions are met: 

  • The expense must be for business, not private use
  • If the expense is for a mix of private and business use, you can only claim the portion that is used for business
  • Business owners must keep records to prove expenses

Generally speaking, office furniture is classed as a capital expense. Capital expenses are the costs you incur buying assets that have a useful life over a number of years. As well as office furniture, this includes things like machinery, vehicles, patents, books, and general equipment. As the asset will be used in your business over a number of years, the tax deductibility will reflect this through a depreciation expense which claims the cost of the asset as a tax deduction over the same period the asset will be useful.

As an employee, you can also claim a tax deduction on home office furniture items like chairs, desks and storage – so long as you have not already claimed these expenses with your employer. 

Can I Claim Home Office Furniture on My Taxes?

If you’re wondering “Can I Claim Home Office Furniture on My Taxes?”, the guides around home office furniture tax claims have recently changed. If you operate a business from home or are now working from home, there are a number of home office-based expenses that can be claimed for tax deductions. With so many of us working from home during the coronavirus crisis, there are several home office expenses you may claim as tax deductions. Home office equipment tax deductions include: 

  • Phone and internet expenses 
  • Computer, desktop consumables and stationery 
  • Home office equipment and furnishings

Given that so many of us have had to move to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that you may have invested in some new home office equipment and furniture. Whether it be a new chair, laptop, stationery or desk accessory, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to make a claim for tax deductible home office furniture and equipment. 

Home Office Equipment Tax Deductions

How do home office equipment tax deductions work? Well, the ATO has thankfully set aside home office guides for those who are incurring working from home expenses. Generally speaking, home office furniture claims are based on your work-related percentage use and will result in a deduction of:

  • The full cost of the items, if they are less than $300 or 
  • The decline in value or depreciation for items over $300

Suppose you’ve recently set up your home office with office furniture items like a new desk, ergonomic chair, shelving and organisational accessories. In that case, you may be eligible to claim a deduction for the decline in value of that furniture to the extent that it relates to your work activity. The “effective life” of the asset or furniture piece will allow you to claim a proportional deduction for each work-related item over its useful life. 

Capital items, such as office furniture pieces that are costing less than $300, can be written off in full immediately (limited to your work-related use percentage) and do not need to be depreciated. 

According to the ATO’s guide, there are several ways to go about claiming home office furniture expenses. You can use the shortcut method to easily calculate a deduction for all of your home office related expenses by using an hourly rate. Or you can use the fixed-rate method to calculate running expenses such as phone and internet, but then claim office furniture and equipment purchases separately. Or you can use the actual cost method to work out and claim the actual cost incurred and depreciation for each separate expense. Whichever one you choose, you’ll need to keep accurate records of your expenses and pay close attention to the ATO’s guidelines. The shortcut method is certainly the easiest way to claim, but prevents you from being able to claim in any other way on your home office expenses.

Claiming Office Furniture on Taxes

If you’re still wondering “Can I claim office furniture on my taxes?”, regardless of whether you’re working from home or you’re a small business owner with a commercial space, office furniture is a fundamental element for how you or your business will generate income. Therefore, it is very likely that all office furniture items that you purchase for commercial, business and work-related use will be tax deductible.

If you want to claim office furniture on your tax return, you need to keep strict and accurate records of your office furniture expenses and business or work use, whether it be for your home office or your commercial space. The ATO is very diligent when it comes to tax deductions – it’s very common for people to have insufficient documentation to support office furniture tax deduction claims. Be sure to keep accurate records of all of your office expenses to ensure that you are able to lodge a clear, concise and correct claim for your office equipment. 

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*This is general information only and does not constitute taxation or legal advice. Seek professional tax and/or legal advice to determine whether you are eligible to make a tax deduction claim for any purchases. 

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