How to Organise File Cabinets at Work: Keeping Offices Organised

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Learning how to organise file cabinets at work and using filing system categories for your paperwork is a crucial element of running a business. Whether you run a small family-owned business, a large corporate office or you just deal with a lot of paperwork at work or home, keeping your files organised will only enhance your functionality, productivity and efficiency at work.

Filing cabinets are excellent resources to keep your paperwork, files and receipts in order. While so much of our important information is kept online, there are still plenty of instances where you need to have physical copies of documents or information. Even if you operate in an office where paperwork is minimal, filing cabinets are excellent for storing all receipts, invoices and copies of documents that you will need to have organised when lodging your tax return.

While organising your file cabinet may seem like a simple enough task, most filing cabinets are chaotic, unkept and haphazardly arranged. An unorganised filing cabinet can be distracting, unproductive, frustrating and decrease the efficiency of office work.

Fortunately, the team at Epic Office Furniture have put a basic guide on how to organise file cabinets at work, to keep your office and workspace neat, organised and functional. A well-organised and clear filing cabinet system will enhance the daily experience in the office. Here are some tips on how to organise file cabinets at work:

Consider Accessibility 

Before you do anything, you need to consider your personal and office habits. Think about how often you access files, the employees that need regular access to specific files, where they work and where the filing cabinets are placed in the office. If you already have an existing filing cabinet, consider the types of files that are regularly accessed and whether they are in the most practical sections of the folders within the cabinet.

There are certain types of folders in every filing cabinet that need to be kept safe, untouched, and sealed. Other files will need to be frequently referred to, copied, filed and used by multiple employees. In terms of accessibility, it makes sense to prioritise folders in filing cabinets by how often they will need to be accessed by you and your employees.

Create Filing System Categories

The next step of learning how to organise file cabinets at work is to create filing system categories and stick to them. This means having a dedicated section or drawer to certain types of files, documents or receipts. The filing system that you decide upon will provide the backbone of your document organisation, so it’s essential to be thorough.

The nature of your business and how it operates should help to determine the type of filing system that you choose. Whether it be numerically, alphabetically, or some other categorising system, choose a way to sort your paperwork and stick to it. Many businesses sort their customer files by account number or name and use separate folders for filing categories like expenses, financial documents and marketing information. Choosing these categories is a crucial step for how to organise file cabinet small business data that will determine a dedicated section for every type of file.

Use Labels

Once you’ve determined the categories of files that you’ll be storing in the filing cabinets, one of the most vital steps for how to organise file cabinets at work is to use labels. Invest in a good, clear labelling system that will ensure both you and others accessing the files are on the same page about where everything goes.

Being able to clearly identify and read file labels seems like a minor matter; however, clarity in labelling will save an enormous amount of time in filing and finding documents in the office. Whether you want to use a label maker, a colour system to identify categories or another way to identify different sections within a filing cabinet, be sure that it is clear, concise and easy to read.

Purchase Folders or Binders

Now that everything has its own spot in the filing cabinet, and each section should be separated with folders or binders. We recommend investing in some coloured folders with label tabs so that every piece of paperwork is well organised. For example, you can use these folders to file all of your client files in yellow, all financial information in blue and anything related to marketing or advertising in red folders. This way, each time you open your filing cabinet, you’ll not only be able to identify the filing system but easily find the section that you’re looking for each time you need to take something out or put something in.

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Keep Organising Files

Once you’ve implemented this new filing system at work, be sure to stick to it. Each time you take a file out or put one back in, make sure to use the correct binders and categories. An organised filing cabinet can do wonders for workplace efficiency, productivity and decreasing stress levels – however, the system only works if you continue to use it appropriately and don’t get lazy with leaving documents in random sections.

When it comes to how to organise filing cabinets and keeping them well organised, it’s important to avoid letting filing pile up. It’s far easier and more productive to file five pieces of paper in one sitting than it is to file a whole stack of five hundred at once. If you get into the habit of regularly filing documents as required, you will not have huge pile-ups of papers that you’ll be tempted to shove in random sections of the filing cabinet.

Learning how to organise file cabinets at work and using filing system categories for your business will go a long way in keeping your most important documents and information safe, organised and accessible. Whether you’re running a small business, or you’re working for a large corporation, learning how to organise filing cabinets for efficiency is crucial for every type of office.  

At Epic Office Furniture, we stock a wide range of exceptional filing cabinets that will make keeping your documents organised easy. Not only will a high-quality filing cabinet system ensure that employees can easily retrieve and file documents when needed, but our range of cabinets will ensure that all important documents and company information is kept safe within the office. Check out our full range of filing cabinets and drawer cabinets at Epic Office today!

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