Author: Tim Vetter

Smart Pups fundraiser

We’ve Donated Over $3,000 To Help Get Lydia A Smart Pup!

Thanks to support of our loyal customers, we’ve donated $3,048 to help change the life […]

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10 Surprisingly Fun Facts About Furniture

1. Charles Darwin was an innovator in every sense of the word, and that extended […]

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COVID Statement Cover Image

COVID-19 Statement

At Epic Office Furniture, we are working hard to ensure we continue providing the service […]

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Working From Home Tips: Your Essential Guide

Many of us (including the author of this post) have found ourselves adjusting to the […]

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Work Life Balance

10 Tips To Achieve A Better Work-Life Balance

Having a successful career is an important and necessary fact of life. Yet, for many […]

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Productivity Guide: Getting The Most Out Of Office Meetings

Office meetings. Your staff dread them, and as a manager, you secretly don’t blame them. […]

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Jogging shoes

5 Ways To Stay Active At Work

Office workers face an eternal struggle to stay fit and healthy due to the largely […]

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Office layout 5

Office Layout Types – What’s Best For You?

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking for ways to optimise your current workspace, […]

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Get Behind Our Mo Bros For Movember

Here at Epic Office Furniture, we’re getting behind the effort to reduce the number of […]

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