We’ve Donated Over $3,000 To Help Get Lydia A Smart Pup!

Thanks to support of our loyal customers, we’ve donated $3,048 to help change the life of a little girl living with Cystic Fibrosis! Throughout the months of September, October and November, we donated 10% of online sales from selected products to Lydia’s campaign to get her very own Smart Pups assistance dog. You can donate […]

10 Surprisingly Fun Facts About Furniture

1. Charles Darwin was an innovator in every sense of the word, and that extended to furniture design as well. To move around his study more efficiently and get to his specimens quicker, he added wheels to the bottom of his chair – so was born the modern office chair. 2. The earliest known game […]

COVID-19 Statement

At Epic Office Furniture, we are working hard to ensure we continue providing the service and products our customers need at this time, while doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As an online store, we are in the fortunate situation of being able to carry on with business for now. Many […]

Working From Home Tips: Your Essential Guide

Many of us (including the author of this post) have found ourselves adjusting to the new reality of working from home. Of course there are positives – more sleep, less travel time and working in whatever clothes (if any) you like – but you may quickly realise that your own home is not always conducive […]

10 Tips To Achieve A Better Work-Life Balance

Having a successful career is an important and necessary fact of life. Yet, for many people, achieving a healthy balance between job and personal life is something that’s getting harder and harder to achieve. In a recent survey, Australians were found to be working an average of six hours of unpaid overtime every week, totaling […]

Productivity Guide: Getting The Most Out Of Office Meetings

Office meetings. Your staff dread them, and as a manager, you secretly don’t blame them. In the United Kingdom for example, every year the economy loses an estimated £26 billion on meetings that could easily have been avoided with a simple email or group call. If that wasn’t damning enough, over 70% of UK office […]

5 Ways To Stay Active At Work

Office workers face an eternal struggle to stay fit and healthy due to the largely sedentary nature of their job. Early morning runs and late-night gym sessions aren’t always feasible, leaving weekends as the only opportunity for physical activity. Apart from countless health benefits, being more active during the week can increase your productivity and […]

Office Layout Types – What’s Best For You?

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking for ways to optimise your current workspace, office layout is a crucial yet often overlooked element of planning. With endless possibilities, it can be hard to achieve the right balance with your layout – an environment that is lively but not distracting, room for collaboration while keeping […]

Get Behind Our Mo Bros For Movember

Here at Epic Office Furniture, we’re getting behind the effort to reduce the number of men who prematurely die each year from suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. This month, the lads around the office are putting the razor down and donning their most impressive (or filthiest) moustaches for Movember. On average, men die 6 […]