How to Organise File Cabinets at Work: Keeping Offices Organised

Learning how to organise file cabinets at work and using filing system categories for your paperwork is a crucial element of running a business. Whether you run a small family-owned business, a large corporate office or you just deal with a lot of paperwork at work or home, keeping your files organised will only enhance […]

8 Simple Ways to Reduce Noise in Office Environments

In many cases, noise in office environments and corporate settings can be incredibly distracting. Where open plan office layouts are designed to be stimulating, invigorating and provide the perfect setting for collaboration, they also come with a new set of challenges, including noise pollution and workplace noise disruption. Between loud phone conversations, aggressive keyboard typing, […]

Can I Claim Office Furniture on My Taxes?

Before we go any further – if you worked from home this financial year due to Covid, and you’re looking at claiming your Home Office furniture and expenses – it’s cool; we’ve got you. Not only does the ATO have pages of information on their website relating to the special conditions around Covid – they’ve […]

Productivity Guide: Getting The Most Out Of Office Meetings

Office meetings. Your staff dread them, and as a manager, you secretly don’t blame them. In the United Kingdom for example, every year the economy loses an estimated £26 billion on meetings that could easily have been avoided with a simple email or group call. If that wasn’t damning enough, over 70% of UK office […]

5 Ways To Stay Active At Work

Office workers face an eternal struggle to stay fit and healthy due to the largely sedentary nature of their job. Early morning runs and late-night gym sessions aren’t always feasible, leaving weekends as the only opportunity for physical activity. Apart from countless health benefits, being more active during the week can increase your productivity and […]

Office Layout Types – What’s Best For You?

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking for ways to optimise your current workspace, office layout is a crucial yet often overlooked element of planning. With endless possibilities, it can be hard to achieve the right balance with your layout – an environment that is lively but not distracting, room for collaboration while keeping […]

The Importance of Choosing the Right Reception Desk

First impressions matter. Just like we form opinions about other people instantly upon meeting them, when we walk into a shop or office we immediately start making judgements based on what we’re greeted with. Companies put a lot of effort into managing their image and maintaining a positive reputation with existing and potential customers, but […]

Prevent Posture Problems with Office Yoga

As office workers, we can do a lot of damage to our bodies by sitting down in the same position all day, every day. The chronic stress and tension we place on our muscles and joints during work hours can put strain on the lumbar spine which results in neck, shoulder and lower back pain. […]

The Benefits of having Greenery in your Workplace

“We can’t stop breathing, but we can do something about the quality of air that we breathe.” That was the focus for 2019’s World Environment Day hosted by China, which urged governments, industry, communities and individuals to come together and explore green technologies, and improve air quality in cities and regions across the world. This […]