How A Lectern Can Improve Your Public Speaking


Your hands are shaking. A bead of sweat falls from your forehead. You clear your throat for the fourth time as your eyes meet those of your audience.

If there’s a third guarantee in life after death and taxes, it’s that all of us will have to speak in public at some stage, and that the vast majority of us will find it a nerve-wracking experience.

It makes sense that anything to give you an edge in your presentations and reduce the stress of speaking in public is a worthwhile investment.

Far from being simply a way to hold notes, a lectern is an essential accessory for all public speaking environments, from schools and universities to boardrooms, churches and larger event spaces.

An attention-grabbing centrepiece for any presentation area, a lectern puts you in total control, giving you a more discreet way of referring to your notes than holding them. A shelf is a bonus which allows you to store your laptop, water and anything else you need to feel prepared.

You are usually the most nervous when you start your presentation, so having something to lean on, rest your hands on and partially hide behind when you first start speaking can be a great settler as you get into the groove of what you’re saying.

As your confidence grows you can branch out and work with the lectern more, whether it’s accentuating your gestures, standing to the side or even walking around knowing you can come back to your notes when needed.

When you’re finished presenting, a mobile lectern can easily be transported to another area for storage, and you can even take it with you if you are speaking at different venues.

Some lecterns even feature handy adjustable LED top lights, allowing you to present in any situation.

Practical and versatile, a lectern is a stylish addition to any presentation area, and is one of the easiest ways to improve your public speaking.

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