How To Set Up A Home Office


Setting up a home office can be a daunting task. Deciding between what’s necessary and what’s not amongst all the excitement and stress can make or break the project. So, from the Epic Office Furniture experts to you, here are our 10 tips for setting up the ideal home office to suit your unique needs.

1. Make a list of the critical needs and stick to it, at least to begin with. As a good starting point, check out our home office page to get an idea of the essentials.

2. Choose a dedicated area that is separate to those that are personal. Also use a dedicated phone for your business to avoid business calls during personal time.

3. Lots of natural light is essential for concentration and boosting your mood. Ideally your computer screen will face away from the light to avoid glare.

4. Apply some feng shui concepts when designing your space. Where you place your chair is important. A feng shui commanding position means you do not have your back to the door. Your desk should be placed diagonally to the door, with the idea that you can see everything going on in the room without being in the direct line of view from the door.

5. Balance your workspace and storage requirements. Ensure your office space meets all storage requirements to avoid clutter. Labeling things will also help you keep things in the right place in the future.

6. Invest in good quality office furniture so you only have to do it once. Remember, this is where you will spend most of your day so for the sake of your back don’t go for a cheap, lesser quality option. Splurge on the necessities and worry less about the décor. Get a good quality desk with a big enough workspace to fit your needs, a fully ergonomic office chair so you get your perfect fit, filing cabinets and under desk storage.

7. Establish office hours and hang a clock – this will add more professionalism to your home office and also keep you to more traditional working hours. Avoid those accidental 14 hour days and keep work separate from personal.

8. Plants – You may be wondering if plants are really necessary. Not only do they look great but they can do wonders for your productivity and concentration thanks to their anti-polluting powers. Want help picking a plant? Read our guide here.

9. Choose your colours – Colours impact mood which will ultimately impact productivity, so choose them wisely. Green is considered to be the most calming colour that is believed to also relieve stress (stock up on those plants). Yellow is also a great colour if you’re looking to boost creativity and positivity.

10. Keep it tidy/hide cords. A tidy space leads to a clear mind, while clutter blocks flow and leads to negative energies like stress and anxiety.

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