How Tall Should a Standing Desk Be?

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Standing desks are popular in workplaces for their numerous proven health benefits. But exactly how tall should a standing desk be? We all come in different shapes and sizes, so it makes sense that we should have to adapt our standing desks to meet the unique demands of our own bodies. If you have a standing desk, essential to get the height right to capitalise on the health benefits of height-adjustable working stations. While standing desks are great for you, the wrong position can be detrimental in the long term if set up incorrectly.

Epic Office Furniture is Australia’s leading supplier of office furniture and height adjustable desks, and we’re thrilled about the new standing desk trend in the workplace. However, our customers frequently enquire about how tall should a standing desk be. This article aims to outline how to set a standing desk height to maximise comfort and productivity, the health benefits of standing at work, and where you can buy a standing desk.

Our Step by Step Guide on How to Set Standing Desk Height

So, you’ve invested in a stand-up desk. Great! What next? You’re probably wondering how tall should a standing desk be. Our step-by-step guide will help you identify how to set standing desk height to maximise the benefits of your new office furniture.

Step 1: Set Up the Desk

First thing’s first, get your desk out of the flat pack and ensure it’s in good condition for use. Good retailers will include standard standing table height as part of their packaging or instructions for use.

Step 2: Adjust the Height of the Desk

Now that your desk is functioning, you should start adjusting the height of the desk. Good stand-up desk retailers will provide instructions within the package on the best way to position the desk to maximise health benefits.

Our best instructions are to set the standard standing table height at the elbow or slightly below elbow height without being there in person. When setting up your desk, run your elbows parallel to or at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Setting the desk at elbow height will ensure that your elbows will rest comfortably on the desk whilst working.

Step 3: Adjust Your Computer Screen(s)

Now that you’ve worked out how tall should a standing desk be in relation to your height, it’s time to consider your computer screen. Title your computer screen on an angle between 10 to 20 degrees. Your screen’s optimal distance from your face as you work is around 20–28 inches or 51–71 cm.

Step 4: Adjust Your Seat for Sitting Down Time

Once you have adjusted your screen for the best stand-up position, be sure to change your seat for periods you choose to sit down. Let’s be real – sitting down at the beginning of your stand-up desk journey is an essential part of the transition.

Research has proven that it is vital to sit down intermittently as well as standing up. Therefore, you should optimise the position of your seat, too. Follow the same applications in steps 2 to 3 for best results when seated.

Step 5: Change Your Mouse and Keyboard Position

You’re almost there! There’s just a couple of final minor adjustments that will help with standing height. Adjust your mouse and keypad so that they are within a comfortable range while standing and seated. Be sure that your wrist is not angled upwards or downwards when using your keyboard or mouse.

Step 6: Engage with A Safety Officer to Improve Desk Position

Last but most importantly – the final check! If you’re part of a large organisation or a workplace where health and safety operators frequently operate, you’re one of the lucky ones! Take full advantage of their service and have them check on your desk position once you think you’ve set it up correctly.

If you don’t have an OH&S officer working in your workplace and have any back issues, be sure to engage with an Occupational Therapist to ensure you maximise results from your stand-up desk.

Step 7: Start Standing

Once you’ve figured out how tall should a standing desk be in relation to your height, you can use the stand-up desk as frequently as you want. However, for best results, experts advise alternating between sitting and standing every 30-60 minutes.

The perfect ratio of sit-to-stand desk hours is not yet verified with research. However, there have been influential research conducted in Waterloo’s Department of Kinesiology. Professor Jack Callaghan found that “the ideal sit-stand ratio lies between 1:1 and 1:3”.

In layman’s terms, research suggests that the alternation between sitting and standing ratio should be about half and half, or one-third of your time standing compared to sitting.

How Are Standing Desks Beneficial?

Now that you knowhow to set standing desk height let’s explore why standing desks are beneficial.

Improve Mood and Reduce Stress

Stand-up desk users claim that standing helped them feel less stressed throughout the workday due to the change in posture. Standing tall and upright, rather than hunched over a work desk, helps to open the body in a better posture.

Increase Energy Levels

Want the coffee or sugar boost without that 3 pm slump? A stand-up desk may be for you. Users of stand-up desks claimed that they felt more energised throughout the workday.

Lowers Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

Standing helps you burn more calories and kick starts the metabolism, reducing the risk of weight gain and other health conditions.

Relieve Back Pain

Sitting for 8 hours a day puts a lot of stress on the spine. Adopting a stand-up desk for even just part of the workday can relieve this stress and help you focus more on tasks at hand.

Increases Concentration & Productivity

With more blood pumping around the body as a result of standing, your brain function increases. There are even reports of increased creativity throughout the workday as a direct result of improved brain function.

Buy a Standing Desk Today

Epic Office Furniture has Australia’s widest variety of standing desks available through our online store. Our retail assistants will help you to figure out how tall should a standing desk be, and which would be best for you to purchase to your height and size. Explore our range of height adjustable desk options at Epic Office Furniture today.

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