8 Office Desk Accessories Must Haves in 2021

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A quality workspace design can reduce stress and provide a comfortable, calm environment for employees to hit peak productivity, at home or in the office. At Epic Office Furniture, we believe investing in the right home office accessories will help you focus and deliver better outcomes in 2021.

Office desk accessories must haves aren’t just limited to your favourite pen or the office’s best keyboard. Must have office accessories in 2021 relate to broader elements that improve overall employee wellbeing.

But just how important are those must have office desk accessories? Well, according to the Fellowes’ Workplace Wellness Trend’ Report, 87% of workers want healthier workspace benefits, from wellness rooms, sit-stand desks, healthy lunch options and ergonomic seating.

Whether you’re kicking off this year in the workplace or are looking to deck out your study with home office accessories, our expert team at Epic Office Furniture are here to provide you with a list of office desk accessories must haves in 2021.

Without further ado, here are our top 8 office desk accessories must haves for this year:

8 Office Desk Accessories Must Haves for 2021:

1. Cable Management Systems

Picture this: you’re on a web call with one of your most important clients about to deliver a pitch. Suddenly your laptop battery turns red. You reach for the charging cable, only to find that it is entangled with other home office accessories, wired and charging cables. Scrambling in a panic to plug in the charger, you completely lose your train of thought mid-sentence. You’ve lost your composure and have missed delivering your pitch with impact.

Sound like your worst nightmare? Ours too.

A simple solution to this frustrating problem is to invest in a cable management system. Operating a business or office space with cables and cords running everywhere not only looks cluttered, but it can become a safety hazard. Cables can become tripping hazards and when poorly managed. Reduce complexities and keep your workspace organised by investing in one of our top office desk accessories must haves – cable management system.

2. Monitor Arms

Our second on the list for office desk accessories must haves has to be monitor arms. Flexible monitor arms will change your workspace for the better. You can be flexible with your monitor’s positioning by installing a monitor arm. Forget squinting at that spreadsheet or continuously fiddling with the ‘zoom’ function, simply pull your monitor towards you or away as required with flexible monitor arms. 

In addition to creating a more comfortable environment for you, flexible monitor arms can be moved backwards to create more space on your desk. The ability to move your monitor to create more desk space is beneficial for those ‘aha!’ moments where all you need is a pen and paper to brainstorm ideas.

3. Desk Drawers

Okay, this one sounds obvious but hear us out. Too many of us are caught up in trying to create a minimalistic space, without considering where all of the general office junk will go.

If you’ve ever had a study in your home, you’ll know how quickly stationery, books, utensils and other knick-knacks can build up and create a seriously cluttered space. Investing in drawers can help you to maintain an organised workspace with less clutter to distract you from your tasks. Additionally, lock-up drawers can help maintain the security of essential or personal documents and enable you to keep personal belongings stowed away. An obvious addition to office desk accessories must haves, but nevertheless, an important one.

4. Desk Dividers

This addition to our list of office desk accessories must haves is relevant for those who work in the ever-increasing open office spaces.

Have you ever been so distracted by a phone call you’ve overheard at the office that you’ve had to stop what you’re doing and listen in? Or have you ever been so infuriated by the sound of someone chewing beside you that you need to leave your desk entirely? Desk dividers are a great way to minimise or muffle noise, without completely separating you from your colleagues or desk buddies.

5. Office Planters

You don’t need to be an interior designer to know that adding greenery is a highly effective way of brightening up space. Office planters are one of those office desk accessories must haves that we always say we’re going to buy for our office this year, but never do. Well, now is the time to take the plunge and add some greenery to your office!

Whether you’re searching for living plants or low maintenance fake plants, green wall tiles, and vertical planters are great ways to brighten up the office space. In addition to looking great, office planters and plants can help to reduce ‘sick building syndrome’ by improving air quality and removing harmful toxins from office workspaces.

6. In-Desk Charging Solutions

Has your personal phone taken priority over your work phone charging the past two nights? No stress, life’s all about balance, right? Arguably, your phone and work phones are the essential technological devices that we have at our disposal. An in-desk charging solution will help you feel fully connected during work hours and provide the perfect excuse for you to leave your phone at your desk overnight while you ‘switch off’.

7. Chair Accessories

Investing in office chair accessories is one way to ensure that your workspace is comfortable for you to work in over 8 hours. If you have a sub-par office chair, you can invest in desk chair accessories to make your experience more comfortable.

8. Interactive Accessories

Having something fun and mindless to do in those moments where your brain is in ‘idle’ mode has been proven to stimulate creativity in the workplace. Ever wondered why leading global organisations like Google have swings and playrooms in their offices? Studies have shown that childlike ‘play’ can encourage creativity and, of course, improve wellbeing.

Creative ideas can prompt meaningful results for your business, but they don’t require a considerable investment. Simple office desk accessories like a Rubix cube or interactive calendar can unlock the same benefits on a budget.

Epic Office Furniture Desk Accessories

That’s our complete list of must have office desk accessories must haves to get your year off to a great start in a professional sense. Whilst office desk accessories might be considered an unnecessary expense by some business owners; we think the opposite.

At Epic Office Furniture, we believe that investing in office furniture, and the latest must have office accessories can improve employee satisfaction, improve productivity, maintain wellbeing and stimulate creativity.

Epic Office Furniture is passionate about creating the best solutions for workplaces and businesses that will positively influence productivity. Foster a productive, creative and pleasant working environment by investing in our leading office desk accessories at Epic Office Furniture today.  

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