Office Desk Prices 2021: How Much Do Office Desks Cost?

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As more Australians gravitate to working and studying from home, office desk prices have become a hot topic. Home office makeovers have become the norm in the last year, and we’re excited to see our customers create several incredible home solutions.

A common question among those designing a new home office is, “how much should an office desk cost?”

Desk prices will depend on several factors. The most costly aspect of a desk is generally the material used to construct it. As the leading supplier of office desk and workstation desk configurations in Australia, Epic Office Furniture offer a wide variety of home office solutions to suit all budgets. We’ll use our expertise in desk prices in this article to describe price fluctuations depending on the individual features of desks whilst providing cost guidelines. This article will explore the typical cost of desk configurations, including factors such as size, style, functionality, quality and materials.

Size, Functionality and Style

Size, functionality and style are three factors that will impact desk price. We’ll cover these three factors concerning corporate desks, reception desks and student desks.

Corporate Desks

In most modern workspaces, the traditional corporate office desks were individual desks with partitions. However, contemporary workspaces now feature an open-plan design with flexibility and multi-purposeful use, a significant factor in desk choice. The office desk cost of a traditional partitioned office desk set up will be marginally lower than the desk prices of a modern and flexible corporate desk. Computer desk prices will be dependent on the level of functionality it features. For example, standing desk prices and the costs of height adjustable desks are likely to be higher than the cost of a regular desk due to their additional functionality. Likewise, a desk with extra storage organisation will be more expensive.

For a budget corporate desk configuration, the price is likely to be upwards of $80. However, for traditional partitioned multi-person pod stations, most buyers should expect an office desk to cost upwards of $1,000. For a contemporary work station, the cost will likely be upwards of $500 for multi-person configurations. Standing desk prices start at around $100, while height-adjustable multi-person work stations are available from around $2,000. Basic corporate corner configurations are available for just $300. Bigger, open plan workstations are available at approximately $450 for a 2-person station, $675 for a 3-person work station, or roughly $1,000+ for anything for more than four people.

Reception Desks

Reception desk prices in corporate offices are likely to fall beyond the bandwidth of regular office desks. The higher price is due to the size, aesthetics and luxurious additional features of most reception desks. Many businesses want to put their best foot forward with modern and sleek-looking reception desks. Therefore, reception desk prices can range from $1,000 to $4,500 for mid-range reception desks.

Student Desks

Study desks for students copying notes from textbooks require ample surface space. With many school-aged children studying from home as well now, it is essential to get the right balance between cheap enough for a student budget and large enough to handle all the study accessories and books it is required to hold. Our best recommendation for a student desk is to get one with a roll-out draw or extra hidden storage space to get the area’s best use. Computer desk prices can range anywhere from $25 to $1000.

Quality and Materials

The quality of craftsmanship and materials used to construct a desk are a significant determining factor in desk prices.

Medium-density Fibreboard (MDF)

One of the most popular desk materials is MDF or medium-density fibreboard. MDF is made from wood scraps that have been ground down and bound together with resin or glue. MDF is a popular choice for many mass-produced desks because it is cheap, light and relatively durable. The computer desk prices constructed from MDF are suitable for people on a budget, such as students. The desk price of an MDF made desk is on the budget end of the pricing spectrum, costing anywhere between $25 for a single-person desk to upwards of $600 for multi-person desks.


Plywood is similar to MDF in that they experience similar processing. However, plywood is made from thin layers of wood from peeler logs, whereas MDF is made from wood scraps. Plywood is similarly priced to MDF and has the same benefits – it is cheap, light and durable. Expect that a plywood desk’s price will be slightly higher than a desk contrasted from MDF, starting from around $75 for a single person desk and upwards of $750 for multi-person desks.

Solid Timber and Specialty Wood

High-quality desks are made from solid timber and specialty wood materials such as oak, mahogany or sandalwood. Natural wood furniture is rare to find but is more structurally sound, durable and expensive than manufactured wood. Although desks made of solid timber are more robust, they are also typically heavier and require more care than the cheaper counterparts. For a quality single-person desk, expect to pay upwards of $500 as a starting point. There is almost no limit to desk prices for specialty wood desks. Expect to pay in the thousands for a specialty wood desk and even more for solid timber desks with features like storage drawers.

Choosing the Best Value Desk for You

If you’re setting up your home office or planning your corporate layout, desk prices are likely high on the priority list. If you’re looking at the best value options of office desks for you, the first step is to decide on the desk’s purpose and then work out the budget. Determining how many people need to use the desk or work station and the features it requires to service those people adequately is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best value for money. Once you have established the desks’ purpose and functionality, you can move on to the desk prices. If you’re looking for further advice on the cost of desk configurations, contact our expert team for additional information.  

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